Sunday, March 11, 2007

Daily Route Profiles

I recently ran daily route profiles based on the tentative itinerary in that last post, and it's given me reason to reconsider things yet again:

The first day has lots of hills, so that distance seems about right for a start. But the second day is almost dead flat, and is only 41 miles, to a motel, for no good reason other than the original distance considerations. The whole ride down through the islands is also relatively flat (note the vertical scales on the above, not just the shapes), and I have short distances scheduled for some of those days (3 and 5) as well.

I'm thinking now that on Day 2, I may push on to North Hero State Park from Port Kent, for a total of maybe 55 fairly easy miles. I may spend 1 or 2 nights there, or continue on to Grande Isle SP, depending on locations of attractions, etc. I know now that Vermont state parks do NOT have a 2-night minimum for bicyclists, so this could work. Day 3 (and maybe 4) would include Isle La Motte and anything else in the north end of the islands. Leaving there, I would take a leisurely trip down to Grande Isle State Park, fully loaded. If I get there early, I can unload, set up, and wander some more down in that area. Day 4 or 5 would take me to Burlington, or possibly find me staying another night at Grande Isle and doing local rides, depending on what happened at North Hero, weather, sights to see, etc. The last day, either 5 or 6 now, would take me to Charlotte and the ferry back to Essex, NY. The more I think about this trip, the more I really want to include a ferry trip by bike, and that also cuts the last day's mileage to a reasonable number, 48 vs 60, with some significant hills again.

I can't really nail this down until I spend some time looking at what's where in the islands. Or I can not even try to nail it down, and take it as it comes, if I'm even capable of doing that. Given the fickle weather in this part of the world, that may just be a better idea anyway.