Thursday, June 14, 2007

Parking, cont'd

I had a not so good feeling about the Laku Campground, the more I thought about it, and decided it would be wise to have a backup or other choice. It's more of a seasonal-site campground, is currently "full", backs up on a major rail line, and I'm to be squeezed in somewhere for the night. And we never discussed how much I would pay to camp and park for a week. It may all turn out just fine, but if it doesn't, and I haven't planned for that, I'll be up shit creek at the last minute. So.... I called the 10 Acres Campground across the bridge - parking not an option. Called the Lake Champlain Visitors Center - YES, I can park there. The lot is lit at night and sees lots of daytime visitor traffic. My only concern is whether this might be the same "park and ride" lot that the DEC personnel had warned me about (breakins, vandalism, etc). So now, I could camp at the adjacent DEC campground for $14.00, and park free at the Visitor Center. I'll need to scope this out sometime in advance, I think, and make reservations accordingly.


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