Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ready to go

Finished packing (mostly) yesterday, and the only concern right now is the expected weather for the beginning of the week. It's not enough to make me reconsider, but I will need to think seriously about keeping everything dry for the first couple of days.

I plan to drive to Crown Point tomorrow afternoon, set up camp when not raining, and then visit the Lake Champlain Visitors Center and the Crown Point Historic Site before heading out for dinner somewhere. Monday morning, I'll be off up the west side of the Lake. Hopefully, I'll be able to add updates here occasionally from libraries along the way.

Thanks to TourPro for the route comments on my previous post. I was planning to decide between NY22 and Highlands Road once I got there and saw what the "unpaved" actually looked like. But now, knowing that NY22 "sucks" will play a big part in that decision. Weather permitting, I really do hope to make Keeseville on Day 1.

Stay tuned as the adventure begins!


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