Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Day 3, cont'd

GRANDE ISLE, VT - Arrived Grande Isle State Park around 1:40pm, and got a shaded site near the entrance. Bugs are around but very minimal, a much better site and situation than last night. Eating in tonight, but at least I can do it on my own site!

Set everything up and headed for the showers, bringing some laundry to do along with myself. Shirts cleaned up fine and don't even smell anymore! Not sure about me... Cooked dinner, a Knorr rice/pasta thing, 2.5 servings worth, and wolfed it down. Walked around the entire park, read for a while on the beach, listened to music.

Called Karl, but his plans have unexpectedly changed and he will not be around on Thursday. Generously offered me the use of the house and a place to sleep, but I'm still thinking I may want to crank out a few more miles on Thursday to shorten the day on Friday, with t-storms expected late. Will see how the day goes.

The Numbers

Distance 46.51 miles
Rolling time 3:28:42
Elapsed time 6:20
Avg speed 13.3 mph
Max speed 29.0 mph


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