Thursday, February 08, 2007

Changes, continued...

In looking at shorter daily mileages, I started wondering if I was really ready for an 8-day trip. I hadn't been thrilled with the first and last days to/from Whitehall anyway, since they don't appear to be as interesting and/or close to the lake. So I started looking at a 6-day trip instead, beginning and ending in Port Henry. That looks something like this:

This seems a little more manageable at this point, especially given that I didn't really get in a good shakedown trip last year. Depending on the weather and how I feel in Burlington, I could push on and make for a shorter finishing day. Vermont state park campgrounds seem to have a 2-night minimum, so I might need to explore other options (CORRECTION: Bicyclists only require a one-night stay, so not a problem). Or maybe stay in Burlington somehow anyway, and take the ferry from Charlotte to Essex, and back down the NY side to Port Henry. A ferry ride would make the Lake experience complete in some ways, and would also cut that final day's mileage to about 48 miles.