Thursday, August 02, 2007

Day 4 - Grande Isle, VT, to Shelburne, VT

SHELBURNE, VT - Up at 6:30 as usual, and on the road by 7:30. It was already warm and very humid, with a strong headwind from the south. At first I had some doubts about making this a long day.

I also noticed a metallic clink coming from the front end with every revolution of the wheel. It's as if the speedometer sensor is misaligned, but that's not it. I'm concerned that it may be inside the hub and bearings. Interestingly, if I lift the front end and spin the wheel, there's no sound at all, only when I'm actually riding it. Will need to have that looked at after I get home. I almost had it checked in Burlington, but I'm getting ahead of myself...

The ride down South Hero Island was into that strong wind. The ride across the causeway on US2 was with that strong wind blowing across, and it was hard to keep a straight line. Early morning rush hour traffic was heading to Burlington, and that was its route. Finally got off US2/NY7 and wound back through residential streets and occasional bike path segments through the Colchester area. These were not always clearly marked, and they definitely did not agree with the Champlain Bikeways cue sheets. I wasn't always sure where I was or if I was headed in the right direction. Finally reached downtown Burlington and the waterfront, after about 30 miles. Stopped in Local Motion and asked some questions about motel accomodations in the Shelburne area, and used their rest room. Got recommendations on bike shops close by, but when I couldn't spin the front wheel and cause the noise, I was less worried than before, so let it go. Also had lunch at a nearby hot dog stand. Called Karl and told him thanks very much for the offer of a place to stay, but that I really wanted to crank out some more miles before stopping. I would stop early at a motel with A/C and pool to beat today's heat, and that would also shorten tomorow's ride and let me possibly beat any late-day storms. He agreed that was a sensible plan, and we left it at that.

Wound my way through South Burlington on bike path and residential streets, and reached a detour that forced me to ride on the busiest section of Shelburne Road, near the I-89 exit. Very little shoulder and a LOT of noontime traffic. Not fun. Eventually a bike lane appeared and then all was well. Tried to push the mileage toward 40, while also watching for possible motels. An Econo-Lodge had a room for the night, but not ready for a couple of hours. Called T-Bird Motor Inn, from Champlain Bikeways list of bike-friendly accomodations, and grabbed a room there, with both A/C and pool. Restaurants nearby. This should leave me about 40 miles tomorrow to finish at Crown Point, and I expect to be there by noon or so, barring any problems. Now, back to that A/C, after a stiff climb back to the motel!

(LATER) Cleaned up and organized for tomorrow, and generally relaxed. Walked about a mile to La Villa Mediterranean and had a good Italian dinner and a couple of beers, but should have skipped the canoli... It was a longer walk than I remembered, having passed it earlier, but it was well worth it. I saw the group of 5 from Hartford pull into the Shelburne Camping Area, which is immediately adjacent to this motel. May see them again tomorrow as we all head back to Crown Point. I probably won't get going until 8:30 or so, since the free continental breakfast doesn't start until 7:30. Or I may skip it and hit the road earlier - not much of a freebie anyway. Hot again tomorrow (92), with 60% chance of mainly afternoon storms, so will want to be done well before that possibility.

The Numbers

Distance 38.62 miles
Rolling time 3:13:30
Elapsed time 5:15
Max speed 26.0 mph
Avg speed 11.9 mph


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