Friday, August 10, 2007


Well, I took a few. For this trip, I took my Aiptek Pencam, both because of its small size and the fact that it uses standard AAA batteries. I picked this up for about $10.00, and it does pretty well. My Canon digital is bigger and uses an expensive ($12.00) lithium battery that might be hard to find on the road. So the pencam seemed like a good idea.

Unfortunately, I neglected to confirm that the small focus ring on the front of the pencam was in the "distant" position for my walking tour of Crown Point Historic Site, and these pictures came out blurred. Too bad, because this was a very scenic place. I discovered my error on Day One, so that's where the pictures begin, aside from the loaded bike picture in the "Ready to Go" post. There are pictures in the posts for Days 1-3, but they're few and scattered.

Overall, this camera produced satisfactory results, and I would use it again for this purpose. There's no preview/review screen, so it's better to be careful, as with a film camera, to be sure about the shot beforehand, or take extras. Lesson learned.


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